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But Skyrim&39;s main storyline is only own facet of this incredible adventure. 3. RaltarArianrhod 3 mo.

Dragon's dogma dark arisen.

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Join. World design was a weird mix of like Demon&39;s Souls and Castlevania.

I don&39;t want games like the Persona series or Stardew Valley because even if it.

From Crosscode to Undertale, some titles have captured the hearts of gamers on Reddit.

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RaltarArianrhod 3 mo. Photo Credit Monolith Soft.

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Also, Baldur&39;s Gate Dark Alliance 1 and 2 were fun if you prefer ARPGs like Diablo.

. May 5, 2023 Fans can access Warhammer (40K or otherwise) games of many genres, including Warhammer 40,000 Inquisitor - Martyr. Among other.

BUT it needs to be centered around romance or at least it needs to be a big part of the game, ideally I want to have the choice of who I romance but it&39;s ok if it&39;s not the case. Path Of Exile. Games I liked Ys 7-9 Tales of Arise Scarlet Nexus Star ocean 6 Elden ring (was hard) Witcher 3 Kingdoms of amur Dragons dogma God of War (almost done) Elder scrolls 3-5 Final fantasy 15. From games full of secrets like Hollow Knight to Hitman, where how you beat it is part of the. Best Narrative.


RaltarArianrhod 3 mo. .

RaltarArianrhod 3 mo.



Titan Quest.

Dragon&39;s dogma dark arisen.